Diocesan Annual Appeal



Dear Friends in Christ,

For eight years now, I have had the pleasure of serving as your bishop.  God is good and I have been blessed as I have come to know you and engage with you in the work God gives us to do as his church family here in Northwest Minnesota.  A bishop is an overseer, ordained to watch over the flock of Christ.  Through the bishop and those who help in his ministry, Christ himself, in the power of the Holy Spirit, continues the work of redemption as he guides his people forward on their journey through life, as he teaches, nourishes and sanctifies them, especially through word and sacrament. 

I know that faith is strong in the Diocese of Crookston.  I see it in family life here.  I see it in the vibrant life of our parish families and your eagerness to know God and serve him through our faith communities.  I see it in your eagerness to encounter Jesus when I join you in the Eucharist and when I share your joy as I bring the Holy Spirit to your children and grandchildren in Confirmation.  I see it in the many wonderful works you do to help others in need. 

In a very particular and beautiful way, I know you through the Annual Appeal prayer cards you send to me each year asking for my prayers.  Praying for you – for your needs, your concerns, your loved ones, praying for the fallen-away – is something I do each and every day.  In this prayer I truly feel united with each of you and I feel the unity that we share with all the saints as the Body of Christ.  Yes, how blest we are as God watches over us, continues to care for us, and strengthens us for the work he gives us to do.    

This year for our Diocesan Annual Appeal, we have produced a short video which illustrates the various offices and ministries we have at the Chancery, our diocesan headquarters.  These offices and ministries are maintained so that the life and work of the Church through all our parishes and institutions might flourish.  Our hope is that the video will show the wonderful unity that is ours  as God’s family here and how all of us working together and relying on one another’s gifts, - and of course on God’s guidance and help – are built up as the Body of Christ to bring the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our world.  You will be able to watch this video at Mass or in your social hall depending on the media capability of your parish.

We want to thank you for your faithful support and generous commitments to the Diocesan Annual Appeal.  God bless you always. 

Sincerely, in the Name of the Lord Jesus,

Most Rev. Michael J. Hoeppner,
Bishop of Crookston

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