Instructions for Preparing A Grant Application


 Grant Cycle
 Grants will be awarded in November 2017.

 The deadline for grant applications is November 3, 2017.

Only organizations listed under the Diocese of Crookston entry in the current volume of The Official Catholic Directory published by P.J. Kennedy & Sons may apply for Faith for Tommorrow (FFT) grants. Such grants may be for the benefit of an individual, such as a scholarship, but it must be submitted by a qualified organization.

Your application should be done online:
1. Grant Application, including detailed budget for the project/program
2. Endorsement form submitted by your pastor


1. Click on the 2017 Grant Application link in the menu to the right.

2. Complete the application including budget on the online form. You can download a sample budget here: pdf Sample Budget (81 KB)
    Once you have completed the application, click "Submit." You will receive an email with the completed application for your own records.

3. Your application must be accompanied by an endorsement submitted by your pastor. See "Endorsement" below.

Program/Project Budget
Give a precise income and expenditure budget for the program or project, declaring the uses to which the FFT (Faith for Tomorrow) funds will be used. Show in detail where the money for a given program is to come from and how it will be spent. Specify what part of the budget will be funded from internal (parish) sources, and what part will be funded from other sources. If application has been made to funding agencies other than FFT, list their names and the amount requested from each. Include this budget with your application form.

Every grant application must include a signed endorsement from the pastor of your parish. Your pastor will need to go to: and click the Pastor Endorsement Form link in the right-hand menu.




FFT Funding Priorities for the Years 2015-2020

Faith for Tomorrow – A Future With Promise
Diocesan Faith Formation Endowment

Faith formation is the on-going, life-long process by which each catholic Christian home, community and parish ever informs, forms and transforms itself and each member in the lived Christian faith to bring about the Reign of God.

Through the Faith for Tomorrow endowment dedicated to Catholic Education, we want to invest in the future of our rural Diocese. Most importantly, we are investing in our religious education/moral formation and that of our children and grandchildren. We are telling them, as it were, that we count on them to carry on and deepen the spiritual quality of life on our farms and in our towns.

Funding Priorities for the Faith for Tomorrow Endowment for 2015-2020 are:

1. Continuing Education for Lay Leaders: Catholic school teachers, principals, presidents and administrators, coordinators and directors of religious education, volunteer catechists, youth ministers and others. Much is expected of those involved in the work of catechesis. The Faith for Tomorrow Endowment seeks to assist them through grants for education, continuing education, and personal/professional formation, and other initiatives.


2. Parish Religious Education/Formation: imparting the truths of the Catholic Faith by providing quality Catholic education for all Catholics is a priority in the life of every parish in the Diocese of Crookston. The Faith for Tomorrow Endowment seeks to support these efforts by funding programs, materials and technology used for parish religious education/formation, marriage preparation, participation in My Catholic Faith Delivered and other initiations to deepen the understanding of our beautiful faith.


3. Catholic School Subsidy: Our parish schools provide an invaluable service toward the education and religious formation of our children. We will designate up to 25% of funds available in each grant cycle as a Catholic School subsidy to be divided equally among our schools.


4. Evangelization: turning hearts to Jesus Christ: The goal of the Christian life is to personally encounter the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring to Him as many people as possible. The Faith for Tomorrow Endowment will support the work of evangelization by funding retreats, parish missions, mission trips, evangelization efforts and other initiatives, with particular interest in requests to serve lapse or fallen away Catholics.