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  1. To experience one of the holiest Christian sites, head to Washington

    IMAGE: CNS photo/Rebecca Hale, National

    By Rhina Guidos

    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- In the nation's capital, a $15 museum ticket and pair of 3-D glasses is the passport Christian pilgrims and others need to experience what may be

  2. Update: Protection urged for migrants, refugees, other 'vulnerable' groups

    IMAGE: CNS photo/Mike Blake, Reuters


    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- As the nation made preparations to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops expressed gratitude for "the gift of

  3. War and greed: Rome events shed light on conflict in South Sudan, Congo

    IMAGE: CNS photo/James Akena, Reuters

    By Junno Arocho Esteves

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis has made no secret of what he thinks is the motivating force behind the wars and conflicts underway across the

  4. Update: Friar lived out faith, hope, charity every day, says cardinal

    IMAGE: CNS photo/Jeff Kowalsky, courtesy Michigan Catholic

    By Mike Stechschulte

    DETROIT (CNS) -- A humble priest and porter, Blessed Solanus Casey thanked God daily for the gift of those who came to his door in his small

  5. Youth urged to remember they're 'beloved children of God, called by name'

    IMAGE: CNS photo/Natalie Hoefer, The Criterion

    By Natalie Hoefer

    INDIANAPOLIS (CNS) -- The sound of more than 20,000 teens screaming and singing along with racuous music of Christian hip-hop band TobyMac was loud.