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  1. IMAGE: CNS photo/DC Comics

    By Mark Judge

    NEW YORK (CNS) -- Look! Up in the sky! It's Superman! And he's 80!

    The year 2018 marks eight decades since the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics No. 1. It also sees

  2. IMAGE: CNS photo/Marla Brose, Albuquerque Journal

    By Carol Zimmermann

    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Tributes from business leaders and politicians alike described Jennifer Riordan -- the 43-year-old passenger who died April 17 from

  3. IMAGE: CNS photo/The Orchard

    By Mark Pattison

    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Sometimes the best opportunities result from a mix of asking and having things fall into your lap.

    So it was for William Friedkin, who directed "The

  4. IMAGE: CNS/Paul Haring

    By Carol Glatz

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Begging Pope Francis to help his son, Alfie, Tom Evans met with the pontiff, pleading for "asylum" in Italy so his seriously ill son may receive care and not be

  5. IMAGE: CNS photo/Paul Haring

    By Cindy Wooden

    ROME (CNS) -- After circling a massive, crumbling public housing complex on the outskirts of Rome, Pope Francis had an emotional encounter with the neighborhood's