Benefits & Human Resources


Procedure for Terminating Employee - Part Time

When a part-time employee terminates employment with the parish, there is no formal form to be completed. The parish just needs to notify the Benefits Office so the employee can be removed from the parish’s monthly billing.

Procedure for Terminating Employee-Full Time

Terminating full-time employees fall under a set of federal and state laws commonly known as pdf COBRA (2.21 MB) . The COBRA laws allow the employee and dependents the right to continue membership in our group health, dental, and term life insurance plans after their employment has ended. COBRA has some very specific notification guidelines that must be followed, and some very bad penalties that can be levied if they are not. A terminating employee will continue to be covered under our group plan until the last day of the month that the employment ends. The terminating employee must receive a letter within 10 days of the date their coverage ends notifying the employee of his/her rights under COBRA. The Beneifts Office will take care of this notification requirement for the parish; but in order to do that, the
parish needs to notify the Benefits Office of the employee’s termination in a timely manner. This is done by completing a pdf Notice of Change/New Participant form (53 KB) and sending it to the Benefits Office. This should be done as soon as possible so that the COBRA letter can be sent to the employee within the specified time.

James Clauson

Coordinator of Benefits