Marriage Preparation

Blessings and congratulations on your engagement to be married! Marriage is the center of Catholic family life and is the vocation through which most live out their baptismal commitment. 

The Catholic Church wants to see your marriage succeed and to be fruitful. For those who give their marriage all they are and possess – your vocation together will be successful and will be full of grace and great joy, because it will be centered on Christ Jesus!

The Canon Law of the Catholic Church requires every diocese to prepare its faithful for the Sacrament of Marriage as a gradual and continuous process. This process begins in early childhood (remote preparation), during a time of renewed catechesis (proximate preparation), and through immediate preparation, which according to the Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio, are “...the months and weeks immediately preceding the wedding...” The Church desires that in these months of immediate preparation, you and your fiancée will come to “a deeper knowledge of the mystery of Christ and the Church, of the meaning of grace and of the responsibility of Christian marriage, as well as preparation for taking an active and conscious part in the rites of the marriage liturgy.” With this, you will be provided spiritual resources and practical tools that you will need, not only as newlyweds, but for the lifetime of your marriage.

God bless you in these grace filled moments and know of our prayers as you embark together on this holy vocation!

Deacon Mark Krejci, Ph.D.

Director of Marriage, Family & Life
218-281-4533 ext. 425