Everything in the    Name of the        Lord Jesus Diocese of Crookston Safe Environment Program
Safe Environment training is offered each year for every child in the Diocese of Crookston. This training is offered in a classroom environment.
Teaching children about boundaries and safe touches is not sex education. There are many safety issues we teach children: bike safety, water safety, fire prevention, driver’s training, etc. Personal safety programs should have age appropriate lessons that give children the skills they need to protect themselves without frightening them. Keeping children unaware of the dangers around them does not keep them safe. Predators count on children not knowing what to do.  ~United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Office of Child and Youth Protection    http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/child-and-youth-protection/parents.cfm
The Safe Environment Office of the Diocese of Crookston uses a four-year plan. The current four-year plan (2008-2012) utilizes the following training programs: Training for Children in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade: Virtus  (you may visit the Virtus web site at www.virtus.org/virtus/) Training for Youth in Grades Seven through Twelve: Praesidium, Part I Use the following link to sample video clips used in Praesidium’s program: http://www.praesidiuminc.com/ybyc_clips.php Netsmartz Workshop: This is a website designed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This website has many wonderful resources for parents, children and teens. www.netsmartz.org/Parents
A Parent’s Guide to Social Networking Cyber-Bullying  Unplugged Cyber-Security Made Clear Got NetSmartz? Tips for Teens Gaming Safely Protecting Your Kids Online Inappropriate Texting Guide to Social Networking Tips for “Tweens”
Children, Youth and Technology: In a world of electronic communication, it’s incredibly important for parents to understand the technology their children are using and help them protect themselves from inappropriate use of technology, cyber-bullying and predators. Below are some great “tip sheets” from the NetSmartz website for parents to download and print.
Safe Environment Training for Children and Youth
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