OND Submissions

We welcome feature story suggestions!*
Please do not assume we know about exciting events in your parish, school, club or community. You will often be aware of  a news event weeks or months in advance. Or you might have a feature story suggestion that doesn’t require a specific deadline. Do not hesitate to contact us!
*Please know that not all story suggestions will receive coverage in Our Northland Diocese.

What is a press release?
A press release tells the editorial staff in detail about a news event that will occur in the near future* or about an event that has just taken place. It is more detailed than a story suggestion. A press release should give full names of individuals, including formal titles (Father, Doctor, etc), full names of organizations and all relevant dates, times and addresses of the events. It should also include the full name and contact information of the person sending it.
*Not all press releases serving as invitations soliciting participation at a parish event, benefit or fundraiser will be published in Our Northland Diocese. Groups or individuals soliciting participation at an event, benefit or fundraiser are only guaranteed print space in Our Northland Diocese through paid advertising.

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