June 3, 2019 – It has come to my attention that a group in the area is organizing a “Roman Catholic Revival” event, scheduled for mid-September in Crookston. The group has invited Mr. Michael Voris of St. Michael’s Media and Church Militant to be their guest speaker.

The term “revival” implies this group is hoping for an awakening or restoration to life and strength of Catholicism. While I fully respect people’s right to gather publicly and protest peacefully, I do not support this event as a means of enhancing Catholic life in the Diocese of Crookston. The divisive tactics often used by Mr. Voris and Church Militant are contrary to our call to live as missionary disciples. Although Mr. Voris may be sincere, I consider his approach more destructive than fruitful.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia and other bishops share my opinion. Archbishop Chaput has been quoted as saying Church Militant “sows division wherever they tread.” Also, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) revoked media credentials for Mr. Voris and Church Militant, therefore does not allow the media outlet to cover USCCB events.

As Shepherd of the Diocese of Crookston, I want you to know the Diocese of Crookston is not sponsoring the event “Roman Catholic Revival Crookston” and does not endorse nor recommend participation at the event, as I think it will be more harmful than helpful. The individuals maintaining a Facebook presence “Roman Catholic Revival Crookston” and hosting the September “revival” do not speak on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, myself as Bishop of Crookston, nor the Diocese of Crookston.


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