Life First

Title Publish Date
I am grateful I could be part of the chorus … thank you! 10 July 2019
‘To hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor’ 12 June 2019
Even in our dark world the light shines and the tomb is empty 15 May 2019
‘Jesus, I want to see like Sally!’ May you rest in peace dear friend 17 April 2019
Lights inspire hope from Thanksgiving to Groundhog Day 27 March 2019
Physician assisted suicide: No one is going to do it for me! 06 March 2019
Outrageous. Heinous. Wicked. Vile. Unspeakable. Shameful. Godless. 13 February 2019
Parents: How well do you know your teen? Ask them these questions 30 January 2019
Where we may see only an instant, God sees an eternity! 09 January 2019
Seek solace in a wounded world by sitting at the feet of wisdom, hope, joy 12 December 2018
Creating new life should not be 'Like passing a baton, like it’s a relay race' 14 November 2018
It’s our turn: CCHD and the legacy of Saints Pope Paul VI and Oscar Romero 24 October 2018
Johnson, Walz, Smith, Housely, Klobuchar, Newberger: Election 2018 03 October 2018
Seriously? Too much religion at the royal wedding? 12 September 2018
I am indebted to my parents for living, but to my teachers for living well 22 August 2018
Who would have guessed this is where we both would be? 01 August 2018
The Supreme Court and this moment in history 11 July 2018
There is freedom in letting God be God so we don’t have to be 13 June 2018
My words of advice to the graduating Class of 2018 … ONWARD! 16 May 2018
To end abortion: There is another way other than through the Supreme Court! 25 April 2018
Dead birds and the true meaning of being pro-life all in one column 11 April 2018
‘We’re gonna win Twins! We’re gonna score!’ 14 March 2018
Hope is the virtue of being able to see there is a tomorrow 14 February 2018
The issue of abortion and our neighbors to the north 24 January 2018
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: ALS and the journey home 10 January 2018
‘Whoever started this whole Christmas thing should be found, strung up and shot.’ 13 December 2017
World’s truth given by Jesus Christ, rooted in love 15 November 2017
On the last day, Jesus will say, ‘show me your hands’, what will yours look like? 18 October 2017
More lives will be lost because of a single governor’s signature 04 October 2017
Armageddon: the playground of the Prince of Peace 13 September 2017