Life First

Even in our dark world the light shines and the tomb is empty

By Fr. Don Braukmann / Retired Priest of the Diocese of Crookston

I hope by the time this issue reaches your kitchen table, the temp outside has surpassed 60 degrees, farmers are in the field and school kids are counting down the last days of the school year.

I had to sit staring at a blank screen for quite some time before I finally put “pen to paper” for this column. As I considered the status of the world, my sarcastic side took over and I could not find anything “new” to write about. If you don’t enjoy sarcasm, stop reading or you will think I have fallen into deep depression! Even during the Easter Season, things are not always “alleluia” wonderful.

So, as the screen glared back at me without a word written … and the deadline pending … I thought about writing on how our political leaders need a good spanking. But we already know that, and it won’t be done because it is politically incorrect to spank anyone these days.

I could have written about the Mueller Report, Russian interference in our elections, the President’s tax returns or the tiring debate over “fake news.” Yet, who wants to hear another word about any of that?

I was told about a website where people were encouraged to “shout out your abortion,” sharing how their abortion was one of the best decisions they have ever made. I went to the site hoping to find something to write about but was so disgusted I could not get my brain around what I discovered.

It’s graduation season and I could write another “advice to graduates” column but I have pretty much said what I can on that subject over the years. Not sure any graduates read it anyway!

Mom’s Day was just celebrated but, being Americans, the second the clock struck 12:01 on Monday morning, we moved on getting ready for the next event. Old news isn’t “new.”

Another school shooting, this time in Denver. What more can be said? What is wrong with us? Why are our kids killing each other? Why are adults? Why so much hate? But until we deal with the real issue, mental health, we will never truly address the problem. Instead we will gallop toward another debate about guns and the carnage will continue.

A new royal baby arrived in England. I could write about that because it would be about life! But does the life of the royals really affect us?

There were some headlines about investigators trying to find the person who killed bald eagles out west. Is that important news when those eagles had far more protection than the child in the womb?

Then there is the tariff war with China and how it is one aspect of the devastation our farmers are finding with crop prices. But what say do we have on that subject?

The Twins are having a great start to the season. Still, when I had to pay $11 for a bag of peanuts at the last game I attended, I realized that corruption of big money is even in the game I most enjoy. We fail to remember it is just a “game.”

Can’t forget the war ships sent off to keep Iran at bay or the missiles raining down on Israel and the Gaza strip in the name of revenge. Do we really think we will end the conflicts of the Middle East when the hatred is rooted in what God said or didn’t say about that land eons ago?

Finally, I could have written about the divisions within the Catholic Church. There are those who feel the pope is a heretic and the bishops are just a bunch of lying thugs; those who obsess about liturgical battles and those who condemn basic Catholic moral principles on life and marriage. It all breaks my heart. Too sad to write about.

In the end, in my sarcastic mind, there is nothing worth writing about. Don’t we all sometimes just get sick and tired of the sick and tired world around us?

Enough sarcasm. Time to step back into the real world where the truth is still the truth: Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord. No matter the darkness, the fear, the lies, the suffering, the disease, the arrogance, the ignorance, the hate, the selfishness, all seeming to run rampant, the truth is still the truth.

The Easter lilies may fade, and the tears of the world can try to quench the blazing torch of the mighty Easter Candle … yet, the tomb is empty … and always will be.