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Bishop Hoeppner celebrates memorial Mass in Crookston cemetery

By Katrina Genereux/Associate Editor, OND

Crookston – On May 21, Bishop Michael J. Hoeppner celebrated a memorial Mass at Calvary Cemetery in Crookston. Bishop Emeritus Victor H. Balke, Msgr. Mike Foltz, Father Maschio Mascarenghas, Father Vincent Miller, Father Joe Richards, Father Matt Schmitz and Father JohnMelkies Suvakeen concelebrated.

The Mass was offered for the faithful departed – particularly those religious, priests, deacons, bishops and lay people of the Diocese of Crookston – laid to rest in Calvary Cemetery.

Bishop Hoeppner’s homily focused on the hope found in Christ’s resurrection.

“Plenty of people knew that Jesus died, and he was buried. St. Augustine says pagans knew it, unbelievers knew it, but the thing about the people of faith is we know he rose,” Bishop Hoeppner said. “We know he rose and it’s the risen Jesus that is proclaimed in the world. He lives. He is the one who will come for us and the one to who we will entrust our life.”

He closed saying, “We do not fear but believe. We exercise that gift of faith this evening as we remember those who have gone before us in faith. We will join them too one day according to God’s plan. Praise the Lord.”

This is the third year Bishop Hoeppner has celebrated a memorial Mass in the cemetery.

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