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Students of St. Joseph’s School, Moorhead, support clean water for life

OND Staff Report

Moorhead, Minn - The students of St. Joseph’s School accepted and met a challenge presented to them by the Student Council earlier in the school year. Students were challenged to raise $2,500 for the organization WellSpring for the World, whose mission is to raise money to provide safe drinking for those in need around the world. Monies raised by St. Joseph’s were matched by WellSpring in order to fund a well for a village in Africa that will provide approximately 300 people with fresh, clean water for life.

A few fundraising events were planned by the Council to help students accomplish the goal. Students made and sold $1.00 keychains, and donated money for Dress Your Way Day. These events brought in $1,018.48. A Coin War brought in $1,768.54, which helped the school surpass their $2,500 goal. An anonymous donor the stepped forward and matched the school’s contribution which means two African villages will receive wells for clean drinking water.

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