If you would like to see any of these programs offered in your parish, please contact Deacon Mark Krejci at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (A PDF download of these offerings is available HERE.)

Marriage-Focused Programs

“A Blessed Marriage: The Message of the Beatitudes”

This couples retreat leads couples through a reflection on “The Beatitudes” from Matthew 5. The retreat can be offered as either a half-day or full-day format and is appropriate for married couples of all ages as well as engaged couples.

“The Christian Virtues in Your Marriage”

This retreat is for married and/or engaged couples and explores how to live the virtues of faith, hope, love, prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. These virtues are gifts from God which can help married couples focus their marriage on God’s plan for a sacramental marriage. This retreat can be offered as either a half-day or full-day format.

Pre-Marriage Retreat

Sponsored by Holy Rosary Catholic Church – Detroit Lakes – April 13/14, 2019

All couples are expected to make a pre-marriage retreat as part of their preparation for entering the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Holy Rosary Parish has sponsored a retreat for many years. CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE

Marriage Celebration Day

Early in October, Bishop Hoeppner calls the Diocese of Crookston to gather for a special Sunday Mass celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony.  Married couples and widows/widowers who attend receive a special blessing and a senior “Honor Couple” and a newlywed couple are recognized based on nominations by parish priests. 

Family-Focused Programs

“Shepherding Them Home: Guiding our loved ones back to the Church"

This workshop is meant for family members who want to reach out to loved ones who have dropped-out of the Church or have stopped believing in God. Participants will learn about why people leave the faith, will practice how to begin the conversation and deal with challenging topics and will leave with a plan for approaching the “lost sheep” that they know. In addition, families with young children in the home are encouraged to attend because the workshop will also address what these parents need to do to promote the faith in light of an increasingly secularized culture. This workshop (or what I call a “Prayershop”) can be offered over four nights (1.5 hours each night) or in an all-day (6 hour) format.

“Theology of the Body for Teens”

This series of presentations on the Theology of the Body is geared toward high school students with parents also encouraged to attend. The teens are introduced to the great teaching of St. John Paul II and are shown how God created “in the beginning” to follow God’s holy and sacred plan for living as a male or female and what the union of sacramental marital love is meant to be. This will be contrasted with the secular view of marriage and human sexuality which results in a self-centeredness which does not sustain marriage or create a healthy family life. This can be offered in a one-day format or a two-session (1.5 hours) format during regularly scheduled RE classes. While parents are encouraged to attend so that they can learn how to have these crucial conversations with their children, the sessions can also be offered to only the students.

“How to talk about Chastity”

This 1.5 hour presentation prepares people to describe the Catholic understanding of the virtue of Chastity. Set within the context of the “virtues and the vices,”  this talk will help the participant develop a language to use with young people on the how and the why of practicing chastity within the context of living a virtuous life.

“Praying with the Family” in-home video series

This series of 8 videos, each lasting 4-6 minutes, introduces the listener to family prayer. The initial videos introduces marital prayer and the later ones present on praying with children. The videos are accompanied by links to documents which contain various prayers that families can use to enrich their prayer life. These videos can be found HERE.

“Youth and the Body of Christ: Young People and Their Connection to the Church”

This one-hour presentation addresses the increasing numbers of high school students and young adults who drop out of the faith. The multi-year Diocese of Crookston Faith Development Survey data are presented and those who attend learn how to address a key finding in the survey. The survey discovered that when our high-school students answer “Yes” to the question: “Do you need a Church in order to be Religious” they also reported higher levels of religious belief, practice and engagement. However, only about 25% of our youth answer “Yes” to this question and so those who attend this presentation learn how to describe why someone needs the Church of Jesus Christ in order to have the fullness of religious faith. For those parishes who have already heard this presentation, a new format will be offered beginning in the Fall of 2018 which will include data updates.

Parish Mission

A parish mission: “Three Great Saints for Marriage, Family and Life,” looks at three saints and what they teach us about how to live in holy and healthy families and how following this call to live in a holy family can also result in a happy and joy-filled life. Thus, this retreat is meant for all members of a parish, those living in families, those married, those single and considering marriage, those widowed who find themselves alone, and those who are divorced. The mission begins with preaching at all Sunday Masses and then runs over the next three evenings for 1.5 hours. Parishes may wish to hold Mass earlier in the evening or just before the evening presentation depending on your typical parish practice.