When you enter a Sacramental Marriage, you are entering a relationship of Husband, Wife and God.  This is why it is so important for couples to pray with and for each other. We know that couples who “pray together stay together” because they take time to center their marriage in their relationship with God. This page helps you deepen not only marital but also family prayer life. The first part is designed to help people develop a marital/family prayer life. It includes brief (4-5 minute) instructional videos and prayers to help you bring prayer into family life. The second section contains other resources to deepen and develop prayer in the family.

Below are 8 brief clips that introduces prayer for married couples and for families.  Each episode has at least one additional link that contains materials referred to during the video. To watch the video, click on the link that is in ALL CAPS and labeled “VIDEO.”  You will find the additional resources to the right of each episode or below episode 4.

EPISODE 1 VIDEO       Episode 1 Prayer
EPISODE 2 VIDEO      Episode 2 Prayers
EPISODE 3 VIDEO      Episode 3 Prayers
Episode 4: 4 Week Plan for Daily Marital Prayer Episode 4: Links to How to pray the Rosary and to iBreviary Episode 4: Links to marriage and family prayer books
EPISODE 5 VIDEO      Episode 5: A Daily Prayer Grid
EPISODE 6 VIDEO      Episode 6: Praying With The Family
EPISODE 7 VIDEO      Episode 7: What and When to Pray as a Family
EPISODE 8 VIDEO      Episode 8: Longer Family Prayer