40 Rosaries for Life:
During the national 40 Days for Life the Office of Formation in Discipleship invites parishes to participate in 40 Rosaries for Life. Thus, each day a different parish gathers some people together to pray a rosary for the intention of an end to abortion and a respect for all life from conception to natural death. 

Project Rachel: An Afternoon of Prayerful Remembrance and Healing
Occurring every two years, this gathering is for people whose lives have been touched by abortion.  Whether you had an abortion, had a child aborted that you fathered, had a sibling or other family member aborted, this time of gathering for prayer and healing is meant to be an opportunity to grieve the loss and heal the wounds. 

Natural Family Planning: It is not just for newlyweds
This talk can be delivered during a Sunday homily when the pastor would like someone to address to the topic in his parish or can be a general talk to married couples on the holiness and importance of using the natural approach to fertility control. The talk is elaborated into a one-hour talk during which different approaches to natural family planning are described and resources for learning about each method are shared.

(A PDF download with this information can be found HERE.)