We are here to assist you with:

your marriage study in anticipation of obtaining a Declaration of Nullity (Annulment)

convalidation of your current marriage (commonly referred to as “blessing your marriage”)

other legal issues subject to Canon Law in the Catholic Church



Before you fill out your application for a marriage study, please read the Frequently Asked Questions and then proceed  to the Tribunal Application.

These things must be submitted with your application:

  • Divorce Decree
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate of the Catholic party


If you have entered into a second marriage, or if you have married without seeking the proper dispensation from the Catholic Church and are seeking to have your marriage convalidated, please contact your pastor after reading the Frequently Asked Questions brochure related to Convalidations (commonly referred to as “blessing your marriage”)

  • Marriage and convalidation in the Catholic Church requires formal marriage preparation. Please see your pastor about proper marriage preparation.
  • If you are entering a second marriage subsequent to obtaining a declaration of nullity, there may be some professional or pastoral counseling requirements that must be met prior to the convalidation. Again, see your pastor related to freedom to marry in the Catholic Church.


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Fr. Joe Richards, J.C.L.
Judicial Vicar
p: 218-281-4533 
f: 218-281-3822
Maureen Novak
p: 218-281-4050
f: 218-281-3822


Please Note

There are no fees for Tribunal services.

Your civil divorce must be final before you begin the annulment process. There are three types of annulment cases:

  • Formal
  • Ligamen
  • Lack of Form 

A date for a second marriage may not be set until a declaration of nullity (annulment) has been completed.