Unfolding the Mysteries: Living the Church Year

In 1969, Pope Paul VI began his introduction to the revised General Roman Calendar by noting the purpose of the Church’s approach to and experience of the Christian year: Through the yearly cycle the Church unfolds the entire mystery of Christ, venerates with a particular love blessed Mary, the Mother of God, and sets before faithful the memory of the martyrs and other saints.
With the reforms of the rites, prayers, and calendar resulting from the Second Vatican Council more and more people have been drawn to the ‘unfolding in time’ of the Mystery of Christ in the liturgy. Yet one challenge facing those who seriously want to study and properly implement the Church’s liturgy and liturgical year is the sheer volume of material and the many varied books and sources containing it.

Unfolding the Mysteries draws together these many sources and presents them clearly for the benefit of clergy, pastoral, and liturgical ministers. It offers background, ideas, and options for various celebrations, additional liturgical planning information, seasonal prayer services, novenas, saints’ days, and information on National and World Days of Prayer and Special Collections.

The 5 chapters focus on the ‘high’ seasons of the Church year--Triduum, Easter, Advent, Christmas so as to provide a road map for celebrating and living the Church’s liturgy and life as it unfolds throughout the year.

General Resources for the Church Year:

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Holy Communion

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