Dear Friends:

This year represents the 40th successful Diocesan Annual Appeal (DAA). Gifts to the Appeal support diocesan ministries collectively and touch every family in the Diocese of Crookston. This is the work we do together as a diocesan family!

If you choose to make a gift to the 2019DAA by using your credit card or direct debit, please complete the secure form below. Choosing this method conserves resources and helps to protect our earthly home. (Statistically, online and sustaining givers provide about 20% more financial assistance to their selected recipients because commitments are automatically fulfilled.) For many reasons, we are grateful when you donate online.

Each parish in the Diocese of Crookston has a DAA goal. CLICK HERE to see your parish goal and be sure to credit your parish in the form. You can see how your parish is doing by checking your parish status report on the righthand side of this page or when visiting

For assistance with online giving, contact Renee Tate at 218-281-4533 ext. 432.

Thank you and God bless you!

To submit a prayer request to Bishop Hoeppner, CLICK HERE!