pdf Preliminary Norms (230 KB) Pg 1-2
pdf Certain Juridictional Rights of Pastors (171 KB) Pg 3
pdf Sacramental Ministry & Sacramental Ministry to Person with AIDS (608 KB) Pg 4-4a
Sacraments of Initiation  
pdf Baptism - In General (144 KB) Pg 5
pdf Adult Initiation (369 KB) Pg 5-7
pdf Baptism of Children of Catechetical Age (267 KB) Pg 7
pdf Infant Baptism (270 KB) Pg 7-8
pdf Catechumens and Candidates (190 KB) Pg 9-10
pdf Particular Law Concerning Delay of Baptism (65 KB) Pg 11
pdf Recording Baptism (471 KB) Pg 13-13a.2
pdf Recording Information About Those Received Into Full Communion (1.92 MB) Pg 14-15
pdf Changing Baptismal Records (256 KB) Pg 16-17
Faculties: Confirmation  
pdf Confirmation (145 KB) Pg 18
pdf Confirmation: Historical and Theological Orientation (562 KB) Pg 19-20
pdf Confirmation: Essential Roles (233 KB) Pg 21-22
pdf Confirmation: Process for Preparation (809 KB) Pg 23-23b
pdf Letter of Request for Confirmation (72 KB) Pg 23c
pdf Celebration of Confirmation (3.45 MB) Pg 24-28
pdf Post Confirmation Period (51 KB) Pg 29
Faculties: Holy Eucharist  
pdf Holy Eucharist (277 KB) Pg 30-31
pdf General Norms on Reception of Eucharist (347 KB) Pg 32-33
pdf Low Gluten Hosts and Mustum Policy (94 KB) Pg 33a-33d
pdf Policy Regarding Children's First Holy Communion (279 KB) Pg 34-34b
pdf Exerpts from Immensae Caritatis (281 KB) Pg 36-37
pdf Procedure for Commissioning Special Ministers (200 KB) Pg 38-38a
pdf Issues Concerning Extraordinary Ministers (174 KB) Pg 38b
pdf Multiplication of Masses (105 KB) Pg 39
pdf Sacramental Hospitality (108 KB) Pg 40
pdf Celebrating Eucharist in a Protestant Church (48 KB) Pg 41
pdf Policy on Mass Stipends (9 KB) Pg 42
pdf Liturgical Issues: Vestures, Vessels, Non-liturgical Symbols (284 KB) Pg 43-44
pdf Sunday Celebration in Absence of a Priest (183 KB) Pg 44a
Faculties: Holy Week  
pdf Holy Week (115 KB) Pg 45
pdf Funerals During Triduum (46 KB) Pg 46
pdf Liturgy Times During Triduum (74 KB) Pg 47
pdf Distribution of Holy Eucharist (45 KB) Pg 48
pdf Sacrament of Reconciliation (199 KB) Pg 49-50
pdf First Penance before First Communion (101 KB) Pg 51
pdf Annointing of the Sick (122 KB) Pg 52
Faculties: Matrimony, Death & Burial; Inter-Diocesan  
pdf Matrimony (324 KB) Pg 53-54
pdf Marriage Preparation (618 KB) Pg 55
pdf Marriage Banns (97 KB) Pg 55d-e
pdf Receiver of Marriage Vows (40 KB) Pg 56
pdf Place of Marriage (47 KB) {g 57
pdf Mixed Marriages Within Mass (65 KB) Pg 58
pdf Common Reasons for Requesting Dispensation (180 KB) Pg 59-60
pdf On the Cautio Attached to An Annlment (82 KB) Pg 61
pdf Recording Marriages (177 KB) Pg 62
pdf Feast Days and Days of Penance (223 KB) Pg 63
pdf Regulations for Lenten Fast and Abstinence (181 KB) Pg 64
Other Faculties  
pdf Private Vows, Benedictions, Stations of the Cross; Blessing of Chalices;
Sacramentals; Death and Burials
(305 KB)
Pg 65-66
pdf Special Situations Regarding Funerals (120 KB) Pg 67
pdf Non-Catholic Christians as Readers at a Funeral (75 KB) Pg 67a
Faculties: Inter-Diocesan  
pdf Inter-Diocesan (63 KB) Pg 68
pdf Diocesan Organizational Chart (65 KB) Pg 69
pdf Norms from Diocesan Offices of Parish Self-Evaluation (1.71 MB) Pg 70-76
Consultative Bodies  
pdf Various Consultative Bodies; Priest Council; Constitution (19 KB) Pg 78-82
pdf Diocesan and Religious Priest Groups (75 KB) Pg 83
pdf College of Consultors (190 KB) Pg 84-85
pdf Personnel Board (331 KB) Pg 86-88
pdf Form for Parish Visitation by the Dean (36 KB) Pg 89-95
pdf Deanery Map (72 KB) Pg 95a
pdf Diocesan Pastoral Council (599 KB) Pg 96-100  
pdf Diocesan Finance Council (787 KB) Pg 101-105
pdf Constitution and By-Laws (345 KB) Pg 106-108
pdf Diocesan Commission (256 KB) Pg 112-113
pdf Building and Planning Commission (223 KB) Pg 114
pdf Building Checklist (314 KB) Pg 115-118
pdf Loan Approval Worksheet (108 KB) Pg 119-120
pdf Notes on Repair and Improvement (98 KB) Pg 121
pdf Justice and Peace Commission (301 KB) Pg 124-126
pdf Rural Life Commission (428 KB) Pg 127-130
pdf Family Life Commission (150 KB) Pg 131-132
pdf Liturgical Commission (319 KB) Pg 133-135
pdf Respect Life Commission (311 KB) Pg 136-138
pdf Ecumenical Commission (250 KB) Pg 139-141
pdf On Women Commission (394 KB) Pg 142-144a
pdf Diocesan Norms for Parish Consultative Councils (50 KB) Pg 145
pdf Program for Newly Ordained Priests (88 KB) Pg 146
Priest Remuneration FY 2020 Pg 147-147b
pdf Diocesan Policy on Priest Retreat (69 KB) Pg 147c
pdf Benefits Program for Priests (51 KB) Pg 148
pdf Priests Retirement Plan (62 KB) Pg 149
pdf Retirement Allowance for Priests (162 KB) Pg 149a
pdf Priest Retirement Age (56 KB) Pg 150
pdf Priests Vacation (54 KB) Pg 151
pdf Priests Sabbatical Plan (143 KB) Pg 152
pdf Sabbatical Application (60 KB) Pg 152a
pdf CEU Policy and Procedure (101 KB) Pg 152b
pdf CEU Form (126 KB) Pg 152c-d
pdf Compensation for Substitute Priest (73 KB) Pg 153
pdf Policy on Nursing Home Care for Priests (57 KB) Pg 154
pdf Policy on Chemical Dependency (169 KB) Pg 155
pdf Policy and Procedure for Dealing with Complaints (284 KB) Pg 156-157
pdf Policy of Intervention and Treatment of Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse (44 KB) Pg 158
pdf Placement of Seminarians in the Diocese (80 KB) Pg 160
pdf Financial Assistance to Seminarians (50 KB) Pg 161-163a
pdf Priests Pastoral Review (333 KB) Pg 163b-d
pdf Priests as Dual-Status Taxpayers (100 KB) Pg 163e
Lay Employees  
pdf Matters Pertaining to Lay-Employee (103 KB) Pg 164
pdf Matters Pertaining to Permanent Deacons (43 KB) Pg 164a
pdf Pg 165: Retirement Plan (134 KB) Pg 165
pdf Pg 165a: Performance Review and Dismissal of Paid Employees (62 KB) Pg 165a
Financial Matters  
pdf MN Property Tax; Statment of Exemption (363 KB) Pg 166-167
pdf Parish Assessment and Assessment Calculation (381 KB) Pg 173-174
pdf DAA and DAA Goal Calculation (60 KB) Pg 175
pdf Policy on Proxies for Parish Expenditures (52 KB) Pg 176
pdf Policy on Borrowing, Mortgages, etc (141 KB) Pg 177
pdf Times for Special Collections (185 KB) Pg 179
pdf Special Collections Schedule (78 KB) Pg 179a
pdf Fee Policy for Diocesan Offices (67 KB) Pg 180
pdf Fee Policy for Tribunal Cases (57 KB) Pg 181
pdf Fee Policy for Adoption Cases (121 KB) Pg 182-182a
pdf Financial Assistance for Counseling Services (60 KB) Pg 183
pdf Form to Request Financial Assistance for Counseling Services (71 KB) Pg 184
pdf Handling Parish Funds (151 KB) Pg 185a
pdf Policy for Overdue Accounts Receivable (97 KB) Pg 185b
pdf Vehicle Safety Policy (12 KB) Pg 185c
pdf Application for Employment (257 KB) Pg 185d-e
pdf Employee Driver's Form (78 KB) Pg 185f
pdf Volunteer Driver's Form (6 KB) Pg 185g
pdf Automobile Preventative Maintenance Schedule (69 KB) Pg 184h
pdf Commercial Vehicle Service Log (92 KB) Pg 185i
pdf Passenger Van, Bus, Shuttle Use (8 KB) Pg 185i-1
pdf Contract Review; Sample Hold harmless agreement; sample building use
agreement; Sample agreement between owner and contractor
(215 KB)
Pg 185j-185v
Miscellaneous Matters  
pdf Canonical Issues Between Eastern and Latin Churches (594 KB) Pg 186-190
pdf Copyright Law (321 KB) Pg 191-193
pdf Policy on OND subscriptions (390 KB) Pg 194
pdf Adoption Procedures (346 KB) Pg 195-197
pdf Liability of Trustees (41 KB) Pg 189
pdf Amended Gambling Law (125 KB) Pg 199
pdf Pastors Exit Report (455 KB) Pg 200-202
pdf Rental of Parish Rectories (134 KB) Pg 203
pdf Policy Regarding Annual Catechetical Contact Hours (262 KB) Pg 204
pdf Policy for Catechesis of People with Special Needs (264 KB) Pg 205
pdf Policy Regarding Children's First Reconciliation (278 KB) Pg 206-206a
 Parish Corporate Record Keeping  
 Please see "Corporate Board Paperwork" folder under Clergy: Documents