Safe Environment Certification is necessary for every adult (age 18 or over) clergy, visiting clergy, employee, independent contractor, and volunteer in the Diocese of Crookston who has the potential for contact with children or vulnerable adults.

Certification includes:

  • A criminal background check
  • Training related to recognizing and reporting child abuse
  • Agreement to abide by the Safe Environment Policy and Code of Conduct

If you are a clergy, visiting clergy, employee, independent contractor or volunteer wishing to serve in the Diocese of Crookston:

NEW Employees or NEW Volunteers Click Here for Safe Environment Certification

IMPORTANT: You must use the new certification bar if you have never been certified or if your last certification is over 2 years expired. Otherwise, please use the returning bar.

Returning Employees or Volunteers Click Here for Safe Environment Certification

Visiting Priests or Deacons - Click Here for Safe Environment Certification

This Online Acknowledgement and Consent and Test is Secure. The Certification process is not mobile-optimized.

We strongly encourage you to certify online using a link above. Online certification saves time and resources and speeds your certification.

If for some reason you cannot certify online, you will need to contact your Parish Safe Environment Coordinator to obtain the paper version of the Acknowledgement and Consent form and the most current Component test materials. 

Ten Points for Protecting Children (USCCB Safe Environment)
This is an excellent guide to the importance of Safe Environment and protecting our youth.

If you are a Safe Environment Coordinator at your parish or school, please click on the link below for resources and reporting forms:

Parish and School Safe Environment Coordinator Reporting Forms and Resources

Parents, if you would like information about the training programs used in the Diocese of Crookston please click the link below:

Safe Environment Training & Resources for Children & Youth

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Safe Environment website:

Renee Tate

Safe Environment Coordinator
218-281-4533 ext. 432