By Mark Miller/Seminarian at St. Meinrad Seminary, St. Meinrad, Indiana

The step from Minnesota to Indiana, from minor seminary to major seminary, from Immaculate Heart of Mary to Saint Meinrad, was a step of both excitement and nervousness. The step was one of excitement. I was excited to see how the growth I had been given by the Lord in my previous two years of formation would affect the next four years of my formation. I was excited to dive deeper into Theology, and to learn more about the things that I would most likely be teaching in the years to come. I was excited to meet new men, men who are from all over the world and who would hopefully make me a better Catholic man I was excited to see what the Lord would do as I took a step closer to the vocation of priesthood.

The step was one of nervousness. I was nervous about trying to balance the many tasks that being a seminarian involves. I was nervous about how I would respond to the classes I was taking. I was nervous about forming relationships with people I had never met. I was nervous about what the Lord would do with my life in taking this next step. I was nervous about how I would adjust to a larger, and completely new seminary.

Now having been here for over two months, I can say that this step of excitement and nervousness into major seminary has been a beautiful one. Although I do still experience occasional bouts of nervousness and there have been challenges, I can honestly say that my transition into Saint Meinrad has been better than I ever expected. The growth the Lord gifted me during minor seminary has been rapidly progressing. The Lord has given me many great spiritual gifts in prayer and has been ever present to me in this time of transition. The classes I am taking and the people I have met – the seminarians, formation staff, and teachers – are wonderful. They are helping me understand who I am and are constantly inspiring me to become a better Catholic man.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to take this step – to enter into formation at Saint Meinrad in my pursuit of the call to priesthood. This step of transition has been a wonderful one and I am grateful for all those who have made it possible through their support. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity and I look forward to seeing what the Lord does during these next four years of formation.


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